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Mike Nicholls

My Life With Rock 'n' Roll People

Thursday 6th February at 6:30pm

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‘So who are these rock ‘n’ roll people? Well, there are one hundred here in this book and I’ve interviewed them all. Naturally, each one is an individual but they have a lot in common. First of all, you can see it in their eyes, a twinkle here, a hint of mischief there. Then there’s that profound and sincere look of integrity matching a heart full of soul.

‘Real rock ‘n’ roll people were born rebels; tell them to sit down and they stand up. Recommend a trade and they’ll give a little shimmy, a quick twirl and head for the nearest party.

‘Ideally, the rock ‘n’ roll people in this book are your heroes as well as mine. You can read about my life with all of themeither by proceeding from A to Z, or just diving into your personal favourites – search and enjoy.’

Mike Nicholls was born in Manchester in 1955, the perfect year to become a rock journalist when punk happened.

During his 40-year career as a rock journalist, Mike wrote for newspapers and magazines including Record Mirror, the British tabloids, Penthouse, Hello!, The Times, Evening Standard and The Sunday Times.

These days he lives near the Coast, the East Coast (of England), but is equally happy hitting the streets of his favourite cities – London, Liverpool and New York.

Those wishing to know more should take a peek between the sheets.