An author talk with

Kate Maxwell & Marianne Levy

in conversation with Beth Morrey

Thursday 14th July 2022 at 6:30pm

Tickets are £5.00 and are available to order in store or over the phone on 020 7485 7793

Hush by Kate Maxwell is a gripping, beautifully written and taboo-busting debut novel about motherhood and female identity that explores themes of identity, fulfilment and belonging in an age in which women are increasingly choosing solo motherhood and mothers continue to be discriminated against in the workplace. It’s a coming-of-age novel, a slow-burn love story that was inspired by the six years the author spent living in New York in her thirties, the identity shift she experienced when she had a baby, and by all the things mothers don’t talk about when they have children – including what we lose by becoming parents.

Don’t Forget To Scream by Marianne Levy is a book of visceral and personal essays about the experience of Motherhood, the all consuming-ness of it, the terrifying sense of responsibility, the hilarious desperation. To dip in to one essay is to realise that this is one of the most relatable pieces of non fiction on motherhood to be published.

Beth Morrey is the author of the Sunday Times bestseller Saving Missy.